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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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some critical statements are in. others won't be allowed. karen gray houston is live at d.c. superior core. >> reporter: defendant apparently confessed to a police detective about two other assaults that occurred in rock creek park at the same time that chandra levy was killed. that officer wrote in a presentencing report that he told him he couldn't help himself from robbing women and sexually abusing them. the judge ruled that that report cannot be used when this case goes to trial. >> reporter: this man has pleaded not guilty to killing and raping chandra levy in the summer 2001. but he was convicted of attacking two female joggers that same year, and he talked about it to a d.c. police detective. prost cute stores wanted that information used at trial, but judge gerald fisher crated other cases, saying presentence
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reports are supposed to be confidential documents to help judges make decisions about sentencing. the judge did say he will allow confessions he made to police about levy. testimony from a spanish- speaking officer convinced the judge that the defendant who does not speak english well, had been read his miranda rights in spanish. as for the stories that he told, government attorney amanda hanes acknowledged that they are fantastical and inconsistent, but she says when he talks about them he never talks about stripping naked and says he was drinking and couldn't help himself. chandra levy's mother wants to be present here, even if she is doled as a witness the judge told her lawyer today he is inclined to let her be here as much as legally possible, and he think that's going to be for most or all of this trial. >> karen gray houston tonight.
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three people are dead after a fire in northern virginia home. one of them died while saving three children. it happened in fairfax county. neighbors struggled to help but in the end they could only do so much. beth parker live at the scene of the tragedy. >> reporter: well, brian, if you look over my shoulder, you can see what is left of this town house on hager circle. investigators are working to figure out what started this fire. neighbors are trying to understand the horror of what they saw and heard. >> i hear somebody screaming. >> reporter: at the sound of those screams neighbors came rung. >> when i came out my door, i just saw yellow, and i just started rung. >> reporter: there were many what wanted to help. >> it was too much fire. it was everywhere. we couldn't even get in ourselves. >> reporter: they knew a woman and children were inside. as the town house burned that woman dropped a newborn out a second-story window and lowered
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two other children out to a man the kids describe as an uncle. >> i heard her screaming out, and he was screaming back to her when i got the baby. >> reporter: three children were saved. that baby, a six-year-old, and an eight. >> outside playing with all of them. they were lovely kids and she was really nice. >> if something was to happen like this happen here, i'd probably lose my mind. >> neighbors are hugging their own kids tonight understanding how close tragedy can get. >> reporter: three children and that adult male were taken to the hospital this morning. they are all expected to survive. live in fairfax county, beth parker. brian, into you. an ugly two-vehicle the the
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crash happened just after 11:00. the victim's name hasn't been released. an interesting twist to what might otherwise seem like a typical break-in. the burglar was wearing a shirt and tie. take a look. this is surveillance video of the guy knocking on the door of the house on the 14th. he went around back. we're tracking the radar. isolated storms move through the area producing some hail, gusty winds. let's get freight -- let's get straight to the forecast. suer we in the clear? >> not quite. we had a number of pictures sent in to us with hail ranging from three-quarters of an inch to an inch. so about marble size to quarter size. not very active now, but i've got to tell you we have to continue to watch radar. we are certainly not off the hook. straight to radar. i can show that you this zip
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deed just isolated, but the cell that we're watching in montgomery county still is dropping some heavy rape. now, we do need to continue to watch what's going on around the rest of the region. over to true view we go because you can see stronger storms down to our south, but we also continue to see that there is more activity to our north. coming out of pennsylvania, more of a solid line. because of that line and not knowing. i'll have more details forecast and another check of radar. >> all right, sue. three companies have contracts to provide meals at d.c. public schools. the newest and the one many kids seem to like the most is raising the most eye eyes.
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fox 5 takes a closer look at the program. >> reporter: the overwhelming majority of kids at this elementary school in northeast washington choose to have a hot lunch over a brown bag flunch. two 5th graders told throughs' favorites from the menu. >> corn bread, string beans, mashed potatoes. >> reporter: unlike previous years when most entrees were frozen, the food is cooked fresh and is distributed. >> in 12 weeks we trainmen and women that want to change their
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en. and that's exactly who we get employed in the program. >> reporter: 53-year-old nathan who now works five days a weak at the school, found himself homeless. >> my scementz -- after hearing about again, it just has set me on a path that i've been really going forward all the way. >> reporter: some of the kitchen workers at schools femd he -- . >> reporter: d.c. ps administrators say before anyone is allowed to. so far, say school administrate 0. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the president's worst
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strategy in afghanistan is under scrutiny foasmdz. now two young men are making serious al fore. the supreme court is stepping in to spare the life of a woman said to be executed tomorrow in virginia. we're back. building wind farms and
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expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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she could become the first woman put to death in virginia in nearly a century. the u.s. supreme court refused to block the execution of theresa lewis. the 41-year-old was sentenced to death for providing sex and money to two men who killed her husband and stepson in 2002. two justices voted to stop the execution. disturbing new sex claims against the pastor of an atlanta area mega churchlt a third lawsuit was filed today against bishop eddy long two. of the men claim bishop long. long denies the al. this is going on in bell city, california. most of the council members are accused of padding their pox with city money. they're also charged with mismanaging more than $50 million in bonds. the council members only work
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part-time but some have salaries near ago million dollars a year. the president taking heat over his comments in a new book. still ahead on the news edge, what it is revealing about his war strategy in afghanistan and. but first, creative advertising. then there's this. kfc enlisting college students, college women to promotes its bunless sandwich, the double down, on select college campuses. female students were support double-down shirts.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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new allegations against congressman jessie jackson junior. it at issue now, plane ticket purchased for a woman to fly from d.c. to chicago, several times. the woman is a restaurant hostess here in the district. the congressman calls her a personal acquaintance and says he and his wife have been dealing with the issue privately for years. heat for the president with a new book.
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obama's wars goes behind the scenes as the president decided object his afghan war strategy. fox shows us a few key quotes that have critics talking. >> reporter: in the book, "obama's wars," the isn't quoted saying, we can absorb a terrorist attack. we'll do everything we can, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever, we absorbed it, and we are stronger. homeland security secretary janet napolitano said it in a slightly different way. >> we are doing everything in our power to prevent attacks but i want tomorrow few size that it is impossible to guarantee that there will never be another attack. >> reporter: some republicans are jumping on the president's choice of words. >> the notion that a president would say that in that kind of callus and just utterly robotic way i think is yet further
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indication that the obama is simply not qualified to be commander in chief. >> reporter: other quotes highlight deep divisions during war council meetings. the book says at the present time expressed concern about losing the support of democrats and said wanted an exit strategy, rather than an escalation. the isn't quoted as saying, i'm not doing lock-termination building. >> the country is weary of long- term wars, and in think the president is right to execute a strategy in a way that can bring the public along. >> reporter: many believe president obama is shown as strategic and decisive. it got hot out there, then the surprise pop did you know storm showed up. >> we weren't too surprised but i was surprised that it produced high. luckily they weren't wide spread. we wish we could wholesale rain
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showers without the hail and without the winds but what we have seen today, to be perfectly honest has been real isolated. you mave been an area where you didn't even see a cloud in the sky. mainly confined to loudoun county, montgomery county, and a couple of spots. let me show you what's going on. we're going gint first and foremost on what's going on in montgomery county. this is all practicing a lot of heavy rain, not seeing the hail, not seeing as much lightning but some decent rain. and be very thankful you're getting it from college park to greenbelt. this is going to be moving slowly to the southeast. we have a couple other spots, also close to montgomery county and not too far from leesburg, between dardenstown and boyd. this one closing in on leesburg where you got all the hail reports from earlier today. couple rounds in leesburg. most of us have not seen anything but we're going to continue to watch for the
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development on radar because we do think we still after trigger coming in. that's why we still after severe thunderstorm watch. over to max hd satellite and radar. you will be able to see that not only the line that we had coming through earlier today, over to max hd radar, thank you, here it comes, bubbling up, heavy err down to our south. spottier here, but under our banner you can see another line. we're not sure what this is going to be doing a little later. it could hold together, maybe bringing us a few more thunderstorms. then one more patch through ohio. bottom line. we have to watch all of those areas. that severe thunderstorm watch could remain in effect until 10:00 unless it gets canceled early because the storms up to our north and west begin to weaken. this is probably the biggest headline, hello, 95 degrees today. dulles tied their record. it was 94. bwi marshall # 1. definitely
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too hot for middle september, but it is the last day of summer. fall officially begins tonight at 11:09. temperature-wise, we are still at 91 degrees, and all around the region we remain really warm. our heat index when you combine the air temperature with the humidity it feels like 94 in washington, 8 4 in annapolis, that's a nice break. 101 down in fredericksburg. here's the reason the equinox is at 11:09 tonight. that's when the sun is directly over the equator. tonight at 11:09, tomorrow is your first full day of fall but it will feel summer-like. evening shower or storm. 71 degrees. we'll keep an eye out for stronger storms. still hot again tomorrow. a few clouds around, 92 degrees. five-day forecast, when can we even get some rain in here? we don't have much in this forecast. we've been going back and forth with the chance for showers on sunday. doesn't look as good for showers tonight. certainly looks like it will
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get coole and that will help everybody out. so right now it's just looking like a smaller chance for showers on sunday, and hopefully we don't have to yo- yo them back in tomorrow. the skins to have do some shuffling on the o-line. find out if the team's top rookie will be back on the field in time for sunday's game at st. louis. but first, the folks at charlotte motor speedway are saying, take that, jerry jones. the company is cleating the world's largest hd video board. it will be located between turns two and three along the backstretch of the speedway. by comparison, the one in cowboys stadium is 72 feet high, 160 feet wide. wa
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good afternoon. albert haynesworth returned to practice but three players were unable to go including clint williams. williams was wearing a knee brace and limping noticeably, the aftereffects of this fourth quarter injury last week. he will be evaluated each day. if he is unable to play sunday the redskins could go with stephon heyer or jammal brown. >> we've got a pretty good
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situation. we've had jammal play the other side. that's a big advantage fours trent is not able to go, but hopefully he will be. >> back to sunday, the play that stood between the redskins win and a loss, just over two minutes to go. matt schaub hooks up with andre johnson, overreads dow dee for the game-tieing touchdown. hall said was not surprised dow dee failed to make the play and that he would cover the top receiver. today both dow dee and haslet responded. >> he said what we already know, so i don't think it bothers anybody on the defense. i think it sounds like a shock because it seems like a slight to the other guys on the team, but it's not. >> i give them all the credit for saying that. i think at the's playing at a hey level. i think there is times when you can do that. there's times that you can't. >> yesterday the redskins cut running back larry johnson,
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citing a need to add a special teams player for this week's game against the rams. johnson rushed only five times for two yards in two games. chad simpson was added to fill johnson's roster spot. >> i really didn't see that coming, and i don't think anyone saw that coming. especially when you are trying to get things going in the running game with the running back of his caliber and the things he's been able to do and what we wanted to do here. i think you would kind of somehow work it that it will work out in our favor. >> okay. last night the nationals earned their 63rd win of the season with a two-out seven-run rally in the 8th inning. why is this a big deal? the nats will not lose 100 games for a third straight season. bottom 8, danny espinosa at the plate. a wild pitch allows maxwell to score. look out for that on-deck
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circle. kevin mentioned willie harris get a kick out of it. a lighthearted moment in an otherwise tough season with a somer salt to end. the caps have signed michael norer of to a two-year season. that's sports. i'm dave feldman. >> over to sue pal co. one last look at the forecast. >> if we could pop up radar, i certainly want to show you not only the heat that we have coming, thanks very much control room, but a stronger storm between greenville, bowie, and mitchellville. there's still some activity, brian. >> thank you, sue. stay dry. back here tonight it at 10:00. hope will you be, too. 
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